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From Darkness to Light. The Alhambra (sold out)


From Darkness to Light. The Alhambra. Tf Editores/Galimard, Madrid/Paris 2010. Three editions in English, Spanish and French. 240 x 330mm, 178pp. Hardback with full colour image

Lee Fontanella

I have a clear sense of privilege in commenting on this remarkable suite of photographs, I hope that in the course of my discussion, I will have communicated that ultimately the real task of Adrian Tyler has been to photograph differently, yet remain true to the documentary endeavor – how to teach something and to create at the same time. This is especially demanding for the case of the Alhambra, which has been photographed so many hundreds of thousands of times across the seventeen decades during which photography has been cultivated, not to mention its various representations prior to the modern period.