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Form & Fiction


Thankfully, through photography, I have never had ambition to appease anybody but myself, for me it is a discipline which involves looking ahead, looking back, accumulating successes and failures and trying to unlock a clarity of vision which reveals something in my surroundings, Walker Evans called them “simple secrets.” When I am most satisfied with my work it is where there remains proof of some kind of amplification of perception. The project Form and Fiction was part of this ongoing learning process and constitutes, along with E-82/A-11, what I can see with hindsight as part of my formal training. Whereas the former drew its references from minimalism and is expansive in nature, Form and Fiction deals with chaos within a closed, confined landscape.

The pictures were made in the last remaining European Old Growth Forests in Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Scotland and Belarus. In addition to these images, more recently, new work has been added to this archive which documents the endoliths surviving on the rock faces and scree slopes of the Sierra in Toledo, Spain and is now available as a limited edition book.