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Occupied Spaces I-III

Occupied Spaces I (1999-2006)
The Spanish property bubble happened in various stages from 1985 up to 2008. House prices and speculative building projects from 1996 though to 2008 grew disproportionately. However, coinciding with the financial crisis of 2007–08, prices crashed and troika-imposed austerity measures were imposed that drove Spain’s unemployment rate to 22 percent,  45 percent among young people.

Occupied Spaces II. Outraged. (2011) Self Published, Ed. 5, Madrid 2011. 240 x 330mm, 72pp. Hardback with with mounted photograph
The ‘anti-austerity movement’ in Spain, also referred to as the ’15-M Movement’ and the ‘Indignados‘ began with demonstrations on 15 May 2011. Demonstrators protested high unemployment rates, welfare cuts, Spanish politicians, and the two-party system in Spain, as well as the political system, capitalism, banks, and political corruption. They called for basic rights, of home, work, culture, health and education.

Occupied Spaces III (2012-2013)
The ‘anti-austerity movement’ in Spain is rooted in the gathering of the nations’ citizens in the street to voice resistance to Spain’s right wing government dominated by the People’s Party. However, the recently passed Citizens Security Law (dubbed the ‘gag law’,) is designed to quell this opposition in order to maintain the hold it has on Spanish society. TWe have yet to see if the new Socialist Government will backtrack on these reforms.